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Updates for Global Innovation Actors: 53rd Edition

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GBI, India is a representative of the Maryland Department of Commerce office in India. GBI is assisting the MD India office in providing export assistance services to Maryland companies seeking to expand their presence in India. 

GBI is supporting one Maryland company namely, BC3 Technologies, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, USAseeking to expand its presence in India. BC3 Technologies develops novel and effective antihemorrhagic products for the medical, military, and general consumer sectors. BC3T’s proprietary chitosan-based aerosol product allows ease of application on wounds as well as high-clotting ability. Through the innovative effectiveness of Chitosan, a medical breakthrough with powerful anti-hemorrhagic and anti-microbial properties wounds will not only stop bleeding faster and more effectively, but they will also have greatly increased infection resistance. This pain-free wonder spray also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. To know more about how the product works please see this video


GBI is supporting  BC3 Technologies by doing market research and identifying importers of chitosan-based aerosol products in India,  researching import regulations, determining product pricing structure in India, and setting up B2B meetings of the client with the importers in India. Reach out to if you are interested to collaborate with BC3 Technologies.




We are collaborating with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) to plan and deploy optimal zero-emission vehicle fleets through a Smart eFleet simulation solution. VTT is a visionary research, development, and innovation partner for companies and society.


The Smart eFleet is a system-level simulation toolbox for optimal dimensioning of electric vehicle fleets (buses, trucks and etc.) and techno-economical evaluation of various deployment scenarios. It can support the zero-emission transition of existing vehicle fleets or help redesign and reoptimize in case of partially implemented solutions. The tool can scale up scenarios in a modular in any city or environment considering various practicalities from the specific operational environment (city’s topology, road infra, weather conditions, stops/delivery points and etc.), applied vehicle technologies (with specific technical characteristics and battery capacity), and location and capacity of the existing or planned charging infrastructure. The tool creates a digital twin of the transport network and allows to study of various deployment scenarios fitting the operational constraints and projecting the cost for any of it by providing Total Cost of Ownership calculations to support the economic viability assessment, thus reducing the risk of costly mistakes in procuring vehicles and deploying charging infrastructure. Please click on this link for a short video about the Smart eFleet platform


Please reach out to to explore how you could leverage the VTT smart eFleet tool for easy decision making and faster deployment of EVs, based on simulation data evidence.



Global Business Inroads (GBI) is collaborating with the Indian Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MeitY) - Govt of India and the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) to launch the India - Africa Digital Cooperation Platform to facilitate a Virtual Business (B2B) Matchmaking Session. The initiative is supported by GBI’s partner Prosper Africa


The objective to facilitate business collaborations between African companies (corporates, SMEs, startups) seeking digital technologies, products, services and offshore/joint development opportunities with leading Indian Digital / IT solutions companies.


The initiative will bring together African companies looking for digital solutions with Indian software solutions providers through a series of India-Africa B2B networking events in 2022-23 in both virtual and physical formats. The first leg of the B2B event is scheduled on the 11th and 12th of August.


We invite African stakeholders to collaborate with us to support African companies access the Indian software solutions market. Please write to for more information


African companies looking to participate can register on GTI as a Technology Scouter with the code AFBSM.



GBI has taken the initiative to connect international investors looking to invest in India with emerging startups from the top incubators in the country. GBI in partnership with its international partner Second Option, has designed a program to help 10 emerging startups raise USD 100k from international investors at a valuation of 1 million USD.


Startups who are interested to apply can register on the Global Technology Interface (GTI) as Technology Displayers with the reference code INVBDG and a GTI team member will get in touch with them

Who can apply for this?

·       Early stage startups in the Healthcare, Biotechnology, Edtech, EV, and IoT sector

·       Startups who have at least MVP/Prototype

·       Ideation stage startups are not eligible

In case of any queries please write to



Biodiversity means Business II: Greener EU-India Supply Chains & Technologies

The European Union Delegation to India with Global Business Inroads (GBI) successfully hosted the full-day online event “Biodiversity means Business II: Greener EU-India Supply Chains & Technologies” on June 2nd, 2022

The event highlighted the importance and need for technologies in preserving our biodiversity and how successful business models are a need of the hour. A few of the technologies and their applications for biodiversity conservation were also showcased during the event.  

Networking opportunity (B2b meetings):

As part of this initiative, we like to invite EU and Indian corporates, adopters (public or private), tech companies, startups and financing organisations who are interested in connecting with innovative technology companies and startups focused on biodiversity conservation.  

We have a curated and innovative list of technologies that have a direct impact on biodiversity conservation with proven business models. Click here to view the list of technologies. 

If you wish to connect or collaborate with any of the organisations or companies, kindly reach out to for further information. 




GBI has been facilitating technology transfer and innovation management services for over a decade for various Indian and International organisations. GBI has immense expertise to scout for partners, innovation, intellectual property (IP), technologies and/or solutions for governments, corporates and enterprises that are looking to improve their existing businesses or productivity. GBI also supports corporates, SMEs and start-ups find partners for technology and / or business collaborations with international counterparts.


What we offer-

·      A time bound and structured process fulfilling the objectives of the clients.

·      Access to innovation in specific sectors from across the world. 

·      Provide a defined rationale for the companies that apply.  

·      Technology benchmarking and comparative analysis of the technologies identified during primary and secondary research.


Through our online platform the Global Technology Interface® (GTI®), we have successfully facilitated around 20  Technology Scouting and Open Innovation challenges for various organisations. GBI can facilitate the identification and shortlisting of innovative startups, companies and SMEs to address the specific need of clients that can bring complementary technology solutions in their areas of interest and support their strategic growth. 


For more details on how GBI offers Technology scouting and Open Innovation services for our clients, write to us on –



Over the last decade, Global Business Inroads (GBI) has been facilitating technology transfer and innovation management services for various Indian and International organisations. GBI has also developed a global network of  250+ incubators, enablers, accelerators, technology clusters and start-ups. GBI can facilitate the identification and shortlisting of innovative startups, companies and SMEs to address the strategic objectives of your organization that support your strategic growth.


What we offer-

· Time-bound and structured process fulfilling the objectives of your organization

· Access to technology and innovation in specific sectors from across the world.

· Provide a defined rationale for the startups / SMEs / companies that apply.

· Technology benchmarking and comparative analysis of the various technologies identified during primary and secondary research can be conducted.


Through our process, networks, online platform - Global Technology Interface® (GTI®), and offline relationships with tech hubs all over the world we have successfully facilitated around 20 Technology Scouting and Open Innovation challenges for various private, public and non-profit organisations.


If interested, please reach out to





Global Technology Interface is a virtual platform provided by Global Business Inroads (GBI) to support virtual collaborations between international tech ecosystems – promoting an online-offline hybrid strategy for international market development. It is an online platform for companies, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, startups and R&D institutions to showcase innovative technologies and facilitate collaborations in technology, science, research, and business on a global platform in a sustained manner.  

1. Collaboration opportunity with Craste

Craste, an Indian company work towards crop waste management by providing additional revenue to the farmers. They convert this waste to make materials for packaging and furniture applications. They provide sustainable alternatives to timber-based paper by utilizing the abundant surplus crop residue left behind for burning after the harvest. They can provide sustainable packaging solutions. Their process of making pulp requires less water and is less toxic than the alternative pulping process. Substituting single-use plastic packaging with Craste’s sustainable packaging will reduce water pollution and enables the avoiding of cutting trees for furniture and packaging solutions, hence, deforestation is curbed.

2. Collaboration opportunity with Space4Good

Space4Good is an innovative social enterprise Netherlands company utilizing space technology for social and environmental good. 

Sectors: 1. Agriculture & Forestry 

              2. Conservation & Biodiversity 

              3. Peace & Justice 

              4. Climate & Infrastructure

Remote sensing monitoring, predictive analytics to facilitate environmental crime detection, biomass assessments, carbon sequestration monitoring for carbon markets, risk assessments and alternative energy source management.

To explore more technologies and opportunities please visit GTI.




Leena Pishe Thomas, Director GBI recently published a paper in the Journal of Informatics and Innovative Technologies(JIIT) sharing insights from EU- India Digital Transformation. 

Both EU and India have agreed to establish global digitalization norms that are safe and ethical in implementation and have reaffirmed their commitment to cooperatively implement connectivity that meets international standards and is based on mutually agreed-upon sustainable principles, focusing on digital, energy, and transportation, as well as research and innovation. 

The paper can be accessed from here.




We are currently working on developing a platform focused on technology and innovation transfer between the EU and India in the sustainable mobility and EV sectors. This platform has been designed to encourage private sector cooperation between both sides through EU and Indian business networks for enabling private investment and development in global and regional value chains.

We would like to connect with you to understand more about the work that you are doing in the sustainable mobility / EV sector and explore how you could leverage this platform to enhance the work that you are currently doing. For further information on the EV ecosystem platform, please contact




The Network manages Europe's largest online database of business opportunities to collaborate with startups, SMEs, etc. GBI can help SMEs to find the appropriate business partners through the Enterprise Europe Network. Please find below a profile of EU SMEs seeking collaborations;

1) Dutch Eco-friendly personal care brand is looking for a sustainable Bamboo manufacturer.

The Dutch SME offers a range of eco-friendly personal care products to European retailers and airlines. Products include items such as bamboo toothbrushes, combs, hairbrushes, cotton buds and soap dishes. Currently, this SME is sourcing bamboo manufacturers in India and Vietnam (or Europe) that can produce the above-mentioned items. The Dutch SME is offering a manufacturing agreement to reliable and sustainable manufacturers to build a long-lasting partnership.

2) Spanish company is looking for a industrial partner to apply Mind4Machines Open call

Spanish company has developed a new technology called Blockchain of thing combining blockchain and internet of thing technology, adapting to multiple blockchains, avoiding the lock-in tactics of most of the current implementations. Following the blockchain philosophy of independency and self-management, this solution is “trustless”: only the clients is in possession of their signature identity giving them full control and responsibility of the records they write in blockchain. This solution also provides different levels of privacy filters, protecting the data at any time and sharing the information only with the stakeholders of interest. They are looking for industrial partner for apply to Mind4Machines open call and help them to reduce the financial risk that involves integrating this type of disruptive technologies in their processes.

If you are interested to collaborate or learn more about any of the opportunities please check our page here or if you are seeking business or academic partners in Europe to manufacture, distribute, co-develop and supply your products, ideas, and services - please write to EEN India – GBI at




The Enterprise Europe Network and EU clusters play an essential role in mitigating vulnerabilities in international supply chains. To address these pressing issues, the Network has established a Supply Chain Resilience platform. This helps companies retain, re-structure or replace existing supply chains, as well as source raw materials, parts, components and/or (semi-)finished goods or services they need to keep production going. For further information about the event and registration, interested participants can refer to the event link.


Co-Matching Business Matchmaking Event will be organised virtually on 25th August 2022 by ABİGEM East Marmara in close collaboration with the Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network partners. The free of charge event is open to all companies that are active in the metal, machinery, plastics & rubber, electric-electronics, wood and forestry products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, caravan manufacturing and textile (work safety clothes) industries. Co-Matching offers you to meet qualified contacts and create strong bonds with international companies, discuss and exchange ideas related to your sector, explore business opportunities and expand your network and reach new markets and grow your trade. For more information about the event, please click on the following link.


Smart Mobility Valencia is a dual event. Firms will exhibit their products and services aimed at sustainable, inclusive and intelligent mobility. Furthermore, there will be presentations of technological capabilities and success stories, as well as pitch presentations. Please refer to the following link here for more information.


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